It’s funny how life is always changing. I guess I have re-invented myself many times now.  

After growing up, getting married, from Sydney we moved to a little place called Bungendore to manage a motel and restaurant (family business). From there it was to a much warmer climate in Queensland for my baby to grow up on the beaches and in the fresh air of the Sunshine Coast. That was where I was blessed a second time with another gorgeous little boy. One of my sons born in NSW and the other born in QLD always made state of origin and interesting night in my house.  

While working in hospitality, I also became a Kahuna massage therapist, meeting many wonderful people along the way. Not wanting to become the world’s oldest waitress/massage therapist, I became a surgeon’s secretary in the day, and regularly performed belly dancing in local restaurants, birthdays & corporate functions at night. I then found myself working for a pathology company sucking blood, (yes there was something quite satisfying about watching that blood fill the tube)! 

Eventually I became a Marriage Celebrant (because I LOVE weddings). Always busy, the years flew by, until December 2013, when another door opened, and I never looked back. 

After meeting Mitch, here I am now having co-written a children’s book, ‘Anne Threw a Streamer’, travelled with 60 minutes, and finally published Anne’s story ‘Frontline Hero’ 

And…most importantly, now 8 years ago! I welcomed my grandbaby boy becoming Nani Jani to the sweetest little guy. (My most favourite job!) 

Life really is an adventure, and I can’t wait to see what happens next…. 


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