Anne Threw a Streamer

Before leaving the shores of Australia we began writing a children’s book, the first of a series, based on the stories from Anne’s dairies. We hope one day to have this story in all primary schools for our current and future children to learn firsthand of our nurses who selflessly cared for our diggers from WW1.

What a pleasure this turned out to be. Part of Anne’s story includes a little Pomeranian dog we have named ‘Stitcher’. This is a true story of a young soldier smuggling his Pomeranian on board to take him on the so called six week adventure known as WW1. Tragically the soldier is killed in battle, his battalion vow to bring that little dog back to Australia when the war is over and return him to the boy’s mother. For the ensuing adventure, you will have to read the book, no spoilers here …

Alice Ashby had just graduated from year 12 when she illustrated our children's book imbuing it with her creativity and flair.

If you have a question on how to purchase the book please don’t hesitate to contact us.