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Frontline Hero

Firsthand account of War through the eyes, and pen of an Australian Sister.
Anne's photographs from WW1 accompanying the diaries, showing Australians at their heroic best.
The first children's book in a series, based on Sister Anne Donnell.

Anne Threw A Streamer

Australian nurse Anne Donnell is off to World War 1.
Anne can hardly believe her eyes when she sees a fluffy little dog poking its head out of a soldier’s kit bag as he boards the ship. Dogs aren’t allowed on a ship of war. Will Stitcher be discovered and tossed overboard?

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Sue Davies

I am an avid reader and love to read all kinds of books especially true Australian stories. Frontline Hero is wonderfully written by our own Australian hero, Anne Donnell, a nurse who went to the frontline during the Great War of 1915. Anne gave up her life and left everything she knew to go on an extraordinary journey with other brave nurses. From Gallipoli to Western Europe writing of her journey, the courage and mateship of the soldiers, and other nurses travelling with her. Anne decided to go with the soldiers who were sent to France as she wanted to look after the troops when they were injured. The transcribing of Annes' journey was done word for word, as Anne wrote them, by Jan Leader and Graeme Mitchell. They have both done a wonderful job. This book should be in bookshops all over the world as a precious memento of the Great War through Anne Donnell’s eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed Annes' journey.