60 Minute Adventure

In September we travelled back to the beginning.  A very emotional time for Mitch, as 60 Minutes took us to Perth and then Kalgoorlie to the Karitane house where Anne worked and raised Mitch’s mum as her own.  

October/November 2014 we had a dream come true.  That dream was to follow in Anne Donnell’s footsteps piecing together from the dairies the daily life of this dedicated army nurse, 100 years previously.  We were lucky enough to travel to Turkey and Greece with the very professional and inclusive 60 Minutes team leading the way to Gallipoli and then onto the island of Lemnos.  It was a thrill to see this story aired in March 2015.

ANZAC – The Lost Stories – 60 Minutes

We cannot describe the gratitude we feel towards Anne for the incredible job she performed in looking after our Anzacs 100 years ago, and to 60 Minutes for bringing awareness of this courageous woman who sacrificed so much.

Thank you to Howard Sacre, Executive Producer Extraordinaire, The lovely Liz Hayes, our favourite reporter, Awesome Alice Dalley, who makes anything possible, Greg and Mark the magic men behind the camera and of course Mickey sounding loud and clear.